This is the flowchart for my first ever mission as a GM. What have I done..? 😬

@tyrantguardian tbh I can't make out what it says, but it looks really nice 💓​​! So cool to see someone else using flow-charts to help organize their game 💖​!

@allegras1stmate Yeah sorry, intended for it to be un-readable. Just wasn't expecting it to become this daunting and wanted to share 😅

Thanks anyway, cheers! No idea how I would pull any of this off without a flowchart to be honest.


It /looks/ daunting! Oh-so detailed 😍​!

✨​🍻​✨​I feel you there about flow-charts... sure, ad-lib and ad-hoc things are real fun, but it's hard to get something cohesive over long-term without at least something to give structure :think_disappointed:


@allegras1stmate Right? I'm very good at improvising, luckily, but actually remembering what happened and weaving it into a cohesive narrative without forgetting almost every detail? Way too hard! At least with this planning I have something to relate it all back to 😅

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