Is anyone familiar with ? It looks pretty interesting as a platform but its a much smaller user-base than Mastadon (that are mostly Japanese) and seems like their servers may need a bit more oomph given the amount of functionality in the webapp.

@redlila there is about 3-4 forks, which might fix some of the original problem with the size, resources etc.

They also dont care about nazi or not cw porn on their instance.


@mxfraud Yeah... my understanding of Fediverse in general has been server operators can simply blacklist those instances generating that content. I ended up joining one that specifically keeps that stuff out but was thinking about starting one for an old forum I'm a part of that could badly use a nudge into newer discussion styles than the old forum crawl

@redlila if you start one, I'd love to hear about your experience of running a miskey instance

@mxfraud For sure! I've pitched it to the forum members, if they say yes we'll get it started =) (Forum only has about 30 members, maybe a half-dozen regular posters

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