My relentless pet peeve for sci-fi and space opera is how gravity is treated. Something about gravity plating just makes everything seem inconsequential. If you can already exert a god-like power like violating a fundamental law of nature then I feel like there shouldn't be many more problems in the world. Taking out Gravity manipulation frustrates a few things, such as personal combat in a maneuvering ship, and causes some cognitive dissonance in shipbuilding rules that presume grav plating.

That's just my thoughts though. I see the potential for complications and PC schemes in sabotaging gravity systems. I blame The Expanse for spoiling me.


@Provinto I agree. Honestly though I think if you use real world/theoretical centrifugal gravity creation for ships you get A) more interesting ship designs and B) more dynamic and challenging situations when needing to work on systems near center mass or if something compromises the rotation mechanism

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