@kensanata @redlila @PresGas For what it's worth, I found that using Tarot-style cards helps stimulate my imagination when I need to come with the aforementioned 50 spells.

But yeah, having someone with whom to chat about it is even better.


@Yoric @kensanata @PresGas unfortunately it's not inspiration as an issue but boredom. I can come up with the shape of the idea and workout the finer details without much issue typically but if one of those details is something like the modules I was talking about in the card based system. After I create the framework and the first few modules I start having issues with repetitive tasks. The creative part, the part I like, is done at that point and now I'm madlibbing

@redlila @kensanata @PresGas I fully agree that boredom is the worst part. However, when I reached the point at which boredom ensured that I was producing uninteresting stuff, Plotonomicon helped :)

@redlila @kensanata @PresGas Again, it's not a miracle solution. But having the cards add constraints did help making it fun again :)

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