I finally decided to bite the bullet and try the #kill_team. Got myself the core book and a #necron starter with five #minis. I was torn between Astra Militarum, Orks and Necrons, but then I found that there are no longer any Krieg models in this edition, and a team of only Gretchin wouldn't be feasible, so that left Necrons. I spent the weekend cleaning and gluing everything together. Here are the primed minis ready for painting. I'm thinking about Maynarkh Dynasty color scheme, or maybe something unique.

In which I make a "chip on the shoulder" joke. Anyways, should be ready to paint now.

Now pretty much finished. I might fix a few mistakes and add a couple of highlights, but they are pretty much ready for the game.

I still need to get a couple of flayed ones to complete this team.

The Flayed Ones arrived. Seriously, I expected better of Games Workshop. It looks like they 3D-scanned the original metals, fed them through some broken software that automatically added a million of small triangles for support, and 3D-printed it from some kind of soft, flimsy resin. You have to carve the original necrons out of of that yourself somehow.

I could have 3D-printed them myself, and it would be better.


@deshipu Their resin is a sin, got some chameleon skinks and couldn't believe what I was looking at. The worst gating I've seen in my entire life, and even with all those gates there's so many bubbles and areas where the resin didn't even pour apparently. I had to reconstruct so many details with Aves. : /

@paintandwires This one looks like it's additive 3D-printed, so no pouring problems, fortunately, but they didn't even clean the originals before scanning (so you get 3D-printed flash lines) and the auto-generated supports were added across features such as fingers, the spine and in one case even the face — so to remove them, you basically have to reconstruct the details by carving them yourself. It looks like nobody even reviewed the 3D model before printing.

@deshipu The skinks have that too, somehow. You've got to carve out their fingers and bracelets in places. I assumed they were gates to get resin in the fine details and allow bubbles to escape since they're not spun like the old metals. I was also under the impression that the blocks on the sprue were the pour spout/exit spouts. I think they just molded it right off a metal one seam and all. Those are all guesses, I don't know their actual process. If it's 3d printed... lordy.

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