Have you ever ported real life holidays into your game worlds? Like Santa (or some reskinned version of him) exists, even if Christianity doesn’t?


@dapperbear Sort of. I made goblins with vuvuzelas rob a bank in our game during that one soccer world cup about a decade ago, some might say that qualifies as a holiday 😂​ I was just fed up with the sound of the horns and my players' incessant use of it, so I made sure to weaponize it as the DM; soccer is so not my cup of tea.

Still want to do scenarios based on various holidays, but with a good twist.

@joey try to think of them as archetypes: the autumnal harvest festival, the mid-winter solstice/celebration of the lengthening days, the spring fertility rituals, etc. don’t be afraid to use non-standard holidays, too (like the vuvuzela/soccer thing). One of my old campaigns had the players compete in a version of the Olympics, which had a religious basis as well as celebration of sport.

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