El Salvador has had 3 cases so far.

They have cancelled rent, utility, and Internet payments for 3 months, and are building a new hospital.

America is a shithole country.


@emsenn Can you provide a source for that? I'm finding news about quarantines and border closure, but nothing about rent/utility suspensions.

@attercap Weird that you still saw this post, I deleted it a couple hours ago.

It was accurate but incomplete, as it neglected to mention the violent quarantine being enacted that /caused/ two of the three cases.

@emsenn I saw it because it was boosted. I wonder if there's some sort of deletion protection on cross-group boosts?

@attercap Nah it's just (notably) slow federation: the "hey I deleted this message" is lagging somewhat behind the "here's this post" message.

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