Which comic-style of the 80s/early 90s felt most like you were playing in comics? Not necessarily the best tabletop experience as that can come down to GM/players, but more about the rules/actions.

Comment if something else felt best for you (Superworld, Heroes Unlimited, etc.).

@attercap I only ever played Champions and a little V&V, and it's been so long that I can't remember much about V&V. I really enjoyed Champions, though.


@Golux13 Champions/Hero definitely seemed to be the system of choice for its time. I, personally, always felt it was too math-heavy, both in character creation and in execution. My groups typically ran Marvel or V&V.

@attercap It was definitely math-heavy. Character creation was a slog, especially since there was no way to really build the concept you wanted within the points structure. In order to have anything like the powers you needed, you had to take serious flaws. (I had one character who was supposed to be superfast - and he was, but as a result, he did virtually no damage when he hit.)

In play, I didn't notice as much math.

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