My thoughts for 6 core NPC stats (NPCs aren't PCs so shouldn't have standard RPG stat mechanics):

Stability (acuity/follow-through)
Charitably (affects haggling, how much they reward)
Purity (difficulty to bribe/sway from duty/faith)
Sociability (get along with others)
Zoophilist (get along with animals)

@attercap My take:

Flexibility/Focus (how hard it is to sway them from task/attitude) - cf. your Stability/Purity
Discernment (ability to perceive things and figure out what's going on) - cf. your Gullibility
Generosity (in pecuniary matters) - cf. your Charitably
Physicality (all-around physical fitness, mobility, etc.)
Humanity/Humaneness (how they treat other living beings) - cf. your Sociability and Zoophily
Decisiveness (how quickly and firmly they make decisions)


If I go through with my "full town population" database I may appropriate some of those.

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