"To respect visitors’ #privacy, #EDRi’s new guide for ethical website development recommends to simply not include any third party resources and services on a site. Host that image, font, or traffic counter yourself; or at least pay the hosting provider for its service with your money, not with other people’s personal data."


Also, use Javascript only if your site needs something that can't be done with HTML5 and CSS.


@strypey Meanwhile, half the companies I'm interviewing with are asking me if I want to work with Angular. Not just Javascript, bloated Javascript!

@attercap tools like #Angular have a place, such an in apps like #Loomio that are deployed in the browser, but too many brochureware websites use JS that doesn't serve the users at all.

@strypey Admittedly, my opinion of Angular was made during the first few iterations. I've been playing around with .Net Core and Angular 9 this past week and it's not bad. Still a larger footprint per dev project than I'd like, but I don't hate it as much.

But, so often, projects jump on to the latest tech buzzword whether they need it or not.

This old webcomic of mine was mostly based on a true story: attercap.net/comic/?e=20071207

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