I’ve started playing Morrowind in the first Xbox and it’s amazing how the design of the towns is enthralling even though the graphics are horrible in comparison to all the other games out there these days. But the design? 🤩🤩🤩

@kensanata I have it on PC and there's a few mods that bring the graphics to at least Skyrim levels, and its pretty awesome! Morrowind is still pretty great!

@kensanata @Alamantus There's also an open-source reimplementation of the morrowind engine available. Works very nicely as far as I'm concerned!

@acodispo @Alamantus Perhaps I should get a copy. I have no idea how to get the actual files off the Xbox CD I have, though. Damn DRM preventing me from exercising my rights. 🏴‍☠️ Also, I don’t know how I feel about playing on my laptop. Will the controller work? So many questions.

@acodispo On my Debian-derived laptop, I installed OpenMW via flatpak, started the wizard, pointed it at the data directory, clicked PLAY… and then it crashed. "Address not mapped to object (signal 11)"
This looks like it won't be all that easy.

@kensanata Well that's a bummer! I'm on arch and somebody's packaged it, so it was quite easy for me. I do note there's a debian package! I haven't needed to try the flatpak. Regarding the game files, I bought a copy through GOG.com (DRM-free), I think for $15.

@acodispo I wonder how dangerous it would be to pull in the Debian package into my PureOS system. I fear the worst, haha. Or perhaps I should just run the GOG variant using Wine or something.

@acodispo It's great, like Debian. I have only weird complaints like some firefox plugins being available but firefox not being available. It has Purebrowser, which is of course a debranded Firefox, but I was unable to figure out how to use the packages. I know how to install Firefox packages from the web for Purebrowser, though.
Also, OpenMW for Morrowind isn't available! But the big flight simulator is. Thus, support for fringe apps is weird. But the core works with no issues.

@kensanata Nice! I've been on Arch on my desktop for a while so a little out of touch with debian-based distros as far as personal-use goes. It's a pity about that OpenMW though. :-)

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