hey, yes? i love robot characters SO MUCH.

mild body horror 

@pine I once had a Robot character in a Far Future setting who was a Mechanic learning to be a doctor and he was a terrible doctor.
Notable Quotes

"I've been fixing up Ferroverks for 100 years how hard could biologicals be?"
*opens up human for the first time*
"This is a disgusting mess and I must go"

"My research has found that the most highly recommended text on human health was Grey's Anatomy... So I have download all 20 seasons."


re: mild body horror 


"Humans don't need spleens right?

"Why set bones? Wouldn't it be better to replace the broken endoskeleton with more durable materials?"

"I have learned from the Spleen Incident that I should not remove extraneous organs. So even though your Appendix looks very inflamed we're just going to leave it in there."

re: mild body horror 

@UtOS oh my god, that's amazing. I love the whole "wetware is disgusting, why are you like that." also, "spleen incident," askljdfs.

I'm reminded of a robot character that wasn't mine, who failed a medicine roll and said "Time for the ole face stabbies," with an injection needle (IIRC). That line has just, stuck with me since then.

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