Today I read the second issue of by Kieron Gillen. It's a fantasy horror story about some players getting stuck in the realm of their new game.

The mechanics and worldbuilding bits we've gotten so far are interesting and I'd really love to see it developed as a full playable game.

Or maybe I'll just make a homebrew version. Hopefully I don't get too caught up in it. 😉​

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Honestly, like 90% of "should we treat robots like people?" sci-fi narratives are almost inexcusably lazy, because they're willfully ignoring the much more uncomfortable reality.

How can we be willing to acknowledge whether or not robots should be treated like people, without acknowledging the reality that people are already being treated like robots.

Not quite a tabletop game, but I got to try Two Rooms and a Boom with my family tonight. It was one of my sister's Christmas presents. Incredibly fun for me *and* probably the only time I can remember playing a game with this particular group that *everyone* enjoyed and where no one fought. Definitely recommend.

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Picked this book up at Games of Berkeley yesterday since (via @maenad ) they're /practically/ friends-of-friends. As good as. If you squint. Okay, that's mostly an excuse to do what I want and pretend it's virtuous.)

Good day for @chaonaut_says I guess. He's been waiting for this for quite awhile.

But first he has to get everything sleeved and sorted. So we'll see if we actually have time to play today.

Other Sentinels fans?

It's definitely my favorite hero game, mechanics-wise. I would love to see it implemented with characters I already know and like. But it's still good.

Card text says "If this zombie takes 3 or more total damage in one Combat turn, it explodes. All survivors must roll a die. On rolls of 3 or less, they take 1 damage. Survivors who played the Fight Action roll twice."

Zombie player says the zombie is still in play because nothing specifically states otherwise. Even though it exploded.



We're gonna compromise this time but trying to come up with a defined rule and rationale for next time.

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Game didn't go so well. It also wasn't *terrible*, but I wasn't adequately prepared and maybe running Fate for the first time with a totally new and only vaguely-defined setting while I'm also feeling sick was not the best decision I've ever made.

But I made notes on things to fix later in my GMing and also things to clarify for players next time. And should have quite awhile to flesh out this setting and have a clearer idea of what we're doing.

Running a game today. It's new, I'm not prepared, and I *am* feeling awful because of my body's complete inability to handle seasonal changes. I don't understand why a drop in temp should make my allergies go haywire like this, but it does. Every year.

Considering backing out, sounds so fun. And if I'm gonna feel gross anyway, might as well feel gross while having fun with friends?

Oh my, the digital tabletop bundle on Humble Bundle is excellent.

I want it all.

Oh wait, that's actually how that works.


The worst thing about finding really cool new games is showing them to your friends and getting dead silence. 😭​

I'm left wondering if I should keep working on it and try again with a complete pitch for a campaign, or if they're just not interested and maybe I should try pitching it to *other* people and build a second rp group.

My sister is always talking about wishing she had a group...I could try GMing online...

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I've replied a lot about #accessibility. Just a small thing from me—a designer about the subject: Good accessibility is good for everyone. It's great to consider special needs, but you should also realize they're often less "special" than you first think. A screenreader for example is for anyone who wants to play videogames while their Mastodon timeline updates in the background. This "eyes-free" design reframes accessibility from a question of blindness to one of usefulness. #design

I love when I'm reading a book or watching a movie or whatever and I automatically start connecting it to an RPG and thinking like "oh, what a perfect example of how that mechanic looks in a narrative."

Probably a big part of why I like Fate.

But most recently happened with the novel "Horrorstor" and the game "Minimum Rage."

I really, *really* wanna play a retail horror game now.

Thinking of starting one up online. Scary and new but maybe fun?

Picked up two new indie RPGs today that I'm really excited to try, both by Adam Vass.

Minimum Rage: A Retail Horror RPG. Mentions a lot of inspiration films but mostly feels like Yoga Hosers to me. Try to hold onto your awful job while also trying to save the world!

Protest Singer: An RPG of Magickal Music & Demonic Deals. You make some sort of deal in exchange for the ability to affect the world around you with your magic music. Seems weird and complicated and I love it.

Ah, yes, - hats and wigs! (+ melee, range, indoor, and outdoor)

Having fun with the store's demo games now.

Finally got to play the quick version of my favorite game!

I love it.

Estimated time 15 minutes, I think it was more like 10. So. Fast.

I'm catching up on episodes of Girl Meets World (it's like my favorite thing don't @ me). The current episode features a Secret Santa thing where the whole point is that these are terrible gifts and they don't know each other but omg look at this. I want to play this.

For bonus points, the giver's explanation is that the game will help them get to know each other "because it takes 17 years to play." XD

Gaming day! With only half the group so it is small games day again.

Last week we played the Choose Your Own Adventure game. It was *good*. I'd expected that it would be too long and we'd maybe do one chapter (of 5) at a time. Nope, played the whole thing. Lots of fun.

Today...maybe Ticket to Ride? I dunno, I haven't decided what to bring yet. But I have been wanting to play that one (New York version).

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So the only thing broken at this point is custom emojis, and I can find nothing on refreshing them.

Any help #mastoadmins?

I was *kind of* hoping to go over Fate things with my gaming group today but not everyone will be there, people aren't really in the mood for brain-things, and I just got stitches in my hand so that "no brain things please" group might well include me.

Bringing quick board games instead. Should be a fun time.

Though maybe I'll also bring Fate books...just in case....

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