I've already mentioned some folk music in previous toots, but folk music around the world has its charm.

Like bluegrass in the USA:
- youtube.com/watch?v=jFycqnOpif

Oompa-music in Germany
- youtube.com/watch?v=4ODO9eH0iW

Kenyan dances
- youtube.com/watch?v=anli6AYKGn

Finnish folk dances
- youtube.com/watch?v=ZxqgeGuzQl

Armenian folk melodies
- youtube.com/watch?v=zjfbzhX_cj

Tunisian folk
- youtube.com/watch?v=6f_-B3mWm8

Don't be afraid! Explore the folk music of the world and use it to spice up your role-play sessions!


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I have an unpopular opinion in elevated music circles: the best musical *ideas* come from the common people.

It's a cycle I see all the time: folk music begets great compositions beget copycats who get increasingly intellectually inbred and sterile beget a great composer who goes to folk roots to start the cycle over again.

When you adventure in games, you generally don't adventure in courtly digs. You're out where the plain folk live their lives. So use their music!


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Thankfully this particular piece of manufactured "culture war" idiocy seems to be dying down outside of the usual flaky, foolish fringes that occupy all social movements. Maybe there's hope yet for an actual "revolution" (hint: revolution takes HARD WORK to accomplish, not hashtags on social media!)

But from my perspective, sitting between the incessant whining of my elders and my youngers, both Boomers and Millennials need to grow the fuck up. Stat.


@kensanata @troodon

No, "OK Boomer", like "check your privilege" before it, is used to shut down interaction. To negate and dismiss opinions that may actually be CORRECT, solely upon unalterable physical attributes. It had reached the point that sane, correct, meaningful positions were casually dismissed only because the person uttering them was older than an arbitrary age line.

This isn't "revolution". This is puerile, knee-jerk contradiction; toddler beheaviour, not that of adults.


@kensanata @troodon

This is so obviously grossly hypocritical that in and of itself it's enough for me to dismiss the loser using the expression.

But it's more than just the rank hypocrisy that reeks to the Heavens here. It's also actively dangerous. If "OK Boomer" were used only when said "boomer" was opining on things they're just plain wrong and out of date on, I'd grit my teeth and let it slide. But that's not how it's used any longer.


@kensanata @troodon

As another Gen-X, I find the "OK Boomer" thing repulsive on many, many levels.

First, it is doing what Millennials claim drives them nuts: painting an entire, diverse generation of people with a single, broad brush. You can't claim on the one hand to be upset at ageism when it's directed at you, then do EXACTLY THE SAME THING in response.

*SOME* Boomers are utter fucknuggets, yes. That doesn't excuse dismissing *ALL* of them as such.


Not tabletop, but still funny as all Hell and can easily be mined for ideas for a fun little tabletop game.


A friend's game got announced today and I thought maybe my three or four followers might find it interesting.

Wilderness adventures are a common thing in RPGs, and while occasionally playing "nature sounds" in the background can work, it doesn't have the same grip that playing the music of the people who live there can have.

Here's some music from Inuit peoples that can spice up a "land of ice and snow"-style adventure.

- youtube.com/watch?v=a_WWbJo_1m
- youtube.com/watch?v=_Q005ElC2E
- youtube.com/watch?v=ybCVEbyWUK

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Rarer in the fantasy venue are cultures and locales based on the Indian subcontinent and surroundings. This is really too bad because India and its surroundings are a gold mine for fantasy RP ideas!

Listen to a few of these and see if you can't get in the mood for an in-game visit.

- youtube.com/watch?v=K7z1OqKLdH
- youtube.com/watch?v=uEqYzdz3Zv
- youtube.com/watch?v=r97bzs3fyT
- youtube.com/watch?v=ojIHZqvJpV
- youtube.com/watch?v=bIl18scn-c

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Another popular venue for fantasy role-playing games is pseudo-"Asian" settings. Nothing, however, quite takes you out of the "Asian" mindset than playing western music in the background. So here's a few samplers of music you could play instead.

- youtube.com/watch?v=FQZ2UgvuzW
- youtube.com/watch?v=wL4FtvGK1o
- youtube.com/watch?v=vnRN4v0Y68
- youtube.com/watch?v=JtrthXXmKg

It's not hard to find modern music with a traditional feel either.

- youtube.com/watch?v=EhlYlJ1gzj

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@kensanata This is why marketing (proper marketing, not what I like to call "dark marketing") is important. The marketing department is the intermediary between the producers and the customers, ensuring that the former create that which the latter actually want.

Engineers in particular, when left to their own devices, make all kinds of stunningly clever things โ€ฆ that are of absolutely no use to most people. (Often even OTHER ENGINEERS if my SO's rants are anything to go by.)

If you're going to do the typical (almost default) pseudo-medieval pseudo-European fantasy game there are sneaky ways to set the flavour. There are a lot of musicologists who are painstakingly recreating music of that era, after all, complete with reproductions of period instruments. Groups like the Ensemble Unicorn and the Tallis Scholars among many others.



Give them a try in the background.

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@kensanata @tomasino

This needs to be stressed more and more often, in louder and louder voices: tech is not the end, it is the means to something people want.

When tech becomes the end unto itself disaster awaits.

So I started with "metal โ€ฆ is not really evocative of a medieval fantasy setting". Needless to say my first recommendation is thus going to be โ€ฆ well, it's CLASSIFIED as metal. (I don't actually think it IS metal, however.)


It's hard to beat Heilung for evocative background music for especially late-Roman or early-Feudal era Germanic settings. It's haunting. Violent. Spooky. In turns or, sometimes, simultaneously.

They belong in any RP soundtrack.

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So RPG background music has been on my mind lately. I've always had background music playing when I ran games, even back in the days of cassette boomboxes.

One thing I found when other people did this was that they didn't match the environment well. Yes metal is cool. I'm a big fan. But it's not really evocative of a medieval fantasy setting most times. (It *is* good for battle music, mind!)

I'm going to start making recommendations for gaming tunes over the next few days.

Happy Sunday to you!

Today it's time for one of my luckiest photos, this cute #weasel. I was initially looking for another animal when at some point it started rumbling through the grass. Since I could barely see more than just the moving grass I wasn't sure what it was first. And then it got closer and closer to the fence, so I just hoped it'd come out and prepared my camera.

And indeed, for just a few seconds it appeared, looked at something and ran away again. ๐Ÿ˜

#photography #EyesOnNature

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