I hinted at the problems of getting games translated and co-published in China yesterday. Today I go into some details.

In trying to hook up American publishers to Chinese publishers I kept running into not just rejection but outright contempt. The worst offender by far was Victory Point Games who would immediately respond to *purchase queries*, but didn't respond **at all** to any overtures about actually co-publishing. Total radio silence.


Other publishers were at least a little more courteous and made (bullshit) excuses for why they weren't interested.

The big one was always "our market research (HAH!) shows that the Chinese don't play wargames".

In this toot I have three books from SO's library. The first is an introduction to wargaming concepts. The second is a scholarly (!) work on applications (!) of wargames. The third is a scholarly work on wargame design. As you can see they're not thin books either.


This is three books of about a dozen I've spotted and that SO is slowly acquiring. There's enough of a wargames ecosystem here to support *scholarly study* of them. To have professionally-produced works on wargame design.

Pretty much every military officer in China studies wargames. Every university has a wargames club. In terms of market penetration, yes, wargames aren't a major player, but in sheer numbers I'd wager Chinese wargamers outnumber American ones 2:1.



Ignoring a target market this big is, in a word, idiotic. Not just because you're losing free money (all the expense of translation and production would have been taken on by co-publishers) but because โ€ฆ well, I'll get to that in future toots in this series.

Let's just say that the outcome is not what American wargame publishers would have wanted.


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