Even though I now have my own instance with nobody else here I guess I'll do an #introduction :

My name is Lena, and I like to play board games, card games, video games, making music and of course.. ~worldbuilding~ (including conlanging)

I currently have 0 worlbuilding project though as I have shelved all the ones I worked on in the past. Hoping to get that inspiration spart again #soon.

#worldbuilding #conlanging #conlang #conlangs

@zdl one of my favourite parts of language creation is language evolution, so I usually start off with creating a proto language and then evolve it into the modern version of the language.
With the proto language I usually begin with the phonology and phonotactics, then some basic word order stuff and then I create some basic words and grammatical constructions. From there I just create more words and grammar.

@Astavie What about scripts? And what sorts of grammars do you come up with? There's a lot of ways to assemble Agents, Experiencers, and Patients into sentences. And this is why wals.info is such a joy to explore when thinking about alien languages. :)

@zdl I'd love to give a more detailed answer but I'm limited by both character count and time

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