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Compiled end of week links 84


"Don Featherstone said you do not need rules to recreate history, just a player who plays historically"

System wise those are:
1. Dungeon World (Apocalypse world engine)
2. 13th Age (hybrid 3.5e/4e)
3. Dragon Age RPG (AGE engine)
4. Dungeon Crawl Classics (1e feel using own system)
5. Stars Without Number (1e derived)
6. Shadow of the Demon Lord (own system)
7. Fantasy Age (AGE engine)
8. Castles & Crusades (2e feel using d20 mechanics)
9. Swords & Wizardry (1e clone)
10. Fantasy Craft (3e clone)


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Poking about in data from Obsidian Portal to spot the popular retro-clones and D&D-esque games - looks like a range of systems trying to capture 1e 'feel' more than faithfully reproduce the mechanics

Taking the top 10 over the ~13 years we have full year numbers for we get:
1. Dungeon World
2. 13th Age
3. Dragon Age RPG
4. Dungeon Crawl Classics
5. Stars Without Number
6. Shadow of the Demon Lord
7. Fantasy Age
8. Castles & Crusades
9. Swords & Wizardry
10. Fantasy Craft

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In honor of the solstice; a half dozen solar cults of the lizard imperium and the great artefact they covet

The saddle: because people saw flying monsters long before they laid the first plank of a ships keel - so when they needed to go faster and higher they started with what already went fast and high


Hello World! I have written up some thoughts on making wildspace travel more interesting with overloaded travel encounter dice and a speed-boost from using planetary gravity wells.


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Gnome urban sprawl

(wine cellar caves | Pietragalla, Italy)

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