MH-- suicide allusion. 

It grimly amuses me that when I talk about emigrating to Valinor, people think I want to move to the world of Lord of the Rings.

If I meant that, I'd talk about moving to Faerûn, as my wife and I daydream about this.

Emigrating to Valinor. Taking a ship into the west. Travelling the straight path.

You're smart people, you read the CW.

No, I'm not planning anything. I have MH help that has been helping. Just world sucks.

Looks like is having a bit of an oopsie.

I'm a British IT geek, Computer Game & TTRPG player, cynical bastard, and occasionally described as actually lawful good.

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Happy to burble about D&D, Cyberpunk, and all points west.

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