Those Tasty Jr videos with the tiny child hands making food low key weird me out because I know first hand that children don’t wash their hands :thinkergunsunglasses:

You are a golden bell, hung from the heart of the world.

Selfie, Eye Contact, Please Boost cuz I'm Heckin Cute 

My sister got a cloak for a cosplay, and I love it. So here's some nice selfies of this cute bard in a cloak! Feel free to fluster me by actually calling me cute!~

I wouldn’t be in a hogwarts house, I’d just be hagird thanks for reading

it's time for a selfie! with eye contact! u know the drill ☺️ 

Sorry my eyes aren't as magical in this one. Lighting not so great.

I got my violin! Lessons begin this Sunday! 

It's not perfect, but it's what I could afford and it's mine so I love it 😊. Hopefully I'll do well with it and will be able to treat myself to something really nice someday! I'm looking forward to learning to play!! 💕

So I saw these bugs bunny pajamas at the store and they shook me to my core tbh 


Trash can purse: because you may as well keep it real about the crumpled receipts and empty gum packets that are always at the bottom of your bag 🤷‍♀️

I can't get over how sweet and nice people on Mastodon have been to me. I haven't had a single negative interaction. Such a departure from other social media I've used. Thank you! 💕

Selfie, eye contact, okay to boost, okay to say a nice thing ❤️! 

Now u know why they call me Wizard Eyes 😌.

Selfie, No Eye Contact, Okay to Boost! 

Did only a mile today cuz the weather is kinda bad, but I did take this cute selfie!~ :sparkles_trans: Feel free to call me cute! Always helps!~ :blobpeektrans:


The best thing about being a vegetarian right now is that nobody expects me to eat cold, stale, rubbery turkey 👐

re: Salvation Army 

Just in case my little platform as a queer person with a lot of not-queer friends lets me reach any new ears:

You might see a lot of us saying the Salvation Army is bad and you shouldn't donate to them.

We don't mean "they don't do enough" or "they don't use their donations efficiently."

We mean they *hurt* LGBT people. They actively do harm. It's not a matter of whether your donations would be better sent elsewhere. There's a moral imperative not to support. 🌼

A drawing! Of a person! 

This took longer to finish than it had any right to, tbh. Now my back hurts. Long day. Blah blah.

A v good night of fettucine alfredo and TAZ fanfiction 💕. I think it might be time for Pokemon now though.

I didn't mention this in my introduction but I'm a vegetarian, and I have a question that's burning a hole in my heart and mind: HOW DO YOU KEEP A LEFTOVER VEGGIE SUB FROM GETTING SOGGY?! Send help.

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