Hi everyone, coming in for my post - fairly new to tabletop gaming, recently started playing Castle Ravenloft with the wife, late arrival to D&D - pre-COVID also got a chance to play a couple of group sessions on Call of Cthulhu and really loved it, hope to do it again with the guys! 3D Printing enthusiast and licensed seller for fantasy and mecha miniatures, so if you're looking for cool high detailed minis, let me know! Apart from that, hoping to learn heaps on tabletop gaming!

@wickwire Welcome to the table, it's nice to have you! I'm pretty deep into the miniature end of things myself. :P

@paintandwires I only got more into miniatures once resin 3D printing got more affordable - and after a few rounds of Betrayal: Legacy with my colleagues, promoted by one of them - really enjoyed that game!

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