Up next, I think some Egyptian themed - the included adventure is for more advanced levels, so I will check it out and see if it's OK to run this as a newbie or not...

these came out fairly ok, there are some poses vs weight issues when going for 54mm scale, but so far, pretty pleased with the results!

... and here's the Skeleton King, Loyalty Reward from Cast n Play - upscaled to 175%, !

54mm scale - the mounted officers look great, but I'm still struggling with the horses for this resin - Uniz zMud beige

Time for a bigature! I couldn't resist trying it out, I scaled the model to 175% and I think it turned out awsome - I'm planning on doing all Castnplay Loyalty Rewards that way and get a cool bigature lineup eventually!

I have the possibility of adding physical DnD lore and stats to selling at my shop - would that be appealing to anyone? Attached images of plastic A5 double sided sheets: lore + stats (I think these are readable in A5 size, but let me know what you think) - finally, for this production level, how much would you be willing to pay to have one? Thanks in advance!

Decided to have a go at model rendering - this is a Viking Shipwreck I sell, designed by Asgard Rising Miniatures, they do mostly Norse miniatures - it's not great of course, still getting the hang of it, but I think it really showcases the artwork!

So, Svilland 5e Norse Setting kickstarter is going full force, the preliminary pdf versions of the adventures are out for backers already (I'm one of those! :D) and so I couldn't resist to go get me some Vikings! Design credit goes to Asgard Rising (the detail on these is incredible)

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