Printed with the newest Elegoo Plant Based, bio-friendly resin (black) though it looks a bit more like smoky black... some parts seem slightly see-through!

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I backed this project - went for the 3 hardcover books in the collection: Cults, Shops and Inns, let's see how it goes!

Remarkable Cults & Their Followers - GM Guide for Any RPG, via @Kickstarter

... and some slight progress on a catapult! Uru'can Tribe model by Cast n Play - currently selling these at my Etsy Shop (unpainted, unassembled)

Rules are a bit complex, but interesting enough for the both of us to try it again soon! Didn't get to use the minis yet, but I have a strong feeling there will be a good chance of that!

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Well... after much reading and pondering... got chosen for the next trial in tabletop gaming at home! A bit undecided between it, and - let's see how this goes...!

... with a twist! (spoiler, didn't improve it, but at least I had fun doing it!)

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So, TL;DR got into 3D printing to print stuff to try to learn how to paint to finally do justice to this Metal Gear Ray model kit! About to get into painting, hopefully will manage to get a hold of it and eventually have the courage to paint and assemble this model kit!

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So then I tried to find translated instructions on how to assemble it (everything in the packaging is in Japanese, and mine isn't at all that decent), managed to find them, even managed to find assembled pictures online - but unpainted it looked dull... So zero painting skills, modelling kits were expensive... Decided to wait... Till I got my first 3D printer (FDM) and went down that rabbit hole... Forgot about the Ray there... Years kept going by... Then recently resin came along...

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As I was about to go elsewhere, I just thought I'd go inside just to see what that was all about - didn't get to leave. They had this massive Metal Gear Ray model - which I really wanted to bring back home, but wouldn't fit our luggage, so I was really bummed out and had to leave it behind... Then about 3 years passed and back home in Lisbon (I'm from Portugal), in this hobby shop downtown, I spotted the model and bought it right then and there!

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By the way, I think this is a great story - How I ended up looking into tabletop games and miniatures - basically, 13 years ago I went to Japan on vacation with wife and while Tokyo, we decided to split up for a bit to look at specific stuff. As we were trying to find a well identifiable spot to return to, this shop with a weird cardboard mascot was then and there... It was the Kotobukiya Store in Akihabara...

Hi everyone, coming in for my post - fairly new to tabletop gaming, recently started playing Castle Ravenloft with the wife, late arrival to D&D - pre-COVID also got a chance to play a couple of group sessions on Call of Cthulhu and really loved it, hope to do it again with the guys! 3D Printing enthusiast and licensed seller for fantasy and mecha miniatures, so if you're looking for cool high detailed minis, let me know! Apart from that, hoping to learn heaps on tabletop gaming!

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