My local pinball arcade has several new machines, including this classic. Which I was terrible at. Not unexpected.

Had Spire’s End for quite awhile, but finally getting this solo (rogue-like?), adventure game to the table. Flip cards, make choices, fight to survive and get to one of the many outcomes. Then play again to try to get further, or find another outcome. I’m on my first play. These pictures show before I started rolling a lot of 1s and after I started rolling a lot of 1s.

Absolutely loving the art in this game. Will be seeing this game through to the end!

Got my River and Stone cards from the Cabin Games eshop. Thanks for the quick shipping @theonetar ! The beautiful art on these cards is from @bethsobel. Can’t wait to play some Cribbage with this deck.

Hickory Dickory Dock, there’s mice hunting treasures on this clock! Learned and played this with Luke today. He won on the tie! :think_disappointed: :think_disappointed: :think_disappointed:

Today I was trying to follow someone after seeing on Twitter that they had created a Mastodon account. I can't seem to make it work though. When I copy the address for their account into the search bar (which I believe Mastodon instructs you to do), I get this message. Can anyone see what I might be doing wrong?

San Francisco by the great Reiner Knizia did not disappoint! Really really enjoyed this one. And I love the artwork too!

The old sea captain has a message for you, and while he can't speak, he sure plays a mean tambourine! Work together to decode the secret musical messages and solve the riddles in Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo's Treasure! Learn how to play right here:

As a bonus, you'll also get to see if you can work out one of the riddles during the tutorial - enjoy!

One of the things I'm enjoying here is that I can drink from different hoses based upon my time and mood.

I can drink from the sink of Home to see people I'm following.

I can drink from the garden hose with the Local timeline and see content from people. This reminds me of chatting at a convention - mostly gaming talk, but I also learn about other aspects of their lives.

If I want a firehose of who-knows-what, I open up the federated timeline for a blast of the world.

Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I'd love to follow some autistic/ND tabletop gamers in the community. I got diagnosed last year - weirdly, because of games. I'm working on a book about tabletop games & I spoke to many ND gamers, & ended up going for an assessment as part of my research, & was shocked when they said I'm . Anyway I think there might be many ND folks about here so wanted to give a friendly wave. *waves*

Hello Tabletop folks,

We are l̶e̶g̶i̶o̶n̶ AireCon, a convention in Harrogate, UK, in March each year.

Started in Mark's flat in 2015, and grew from there. We try to foster an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, and it's a great place to play a bunch of games.

We work with @watchitplayed to put on a bunch of events, have exhibitors, RPGs, tournaments, charity raffle and a Bring n Buy.

The team is Nabil, Ben, Rick and Mark with support from a bunch of amazing people.

Hi, my name is Rodney Smith, and this is the Watch It Played Mastodon account! For some reason, I always mistype it as Mastadon by default, so that's going to be a fun thing to unlearn.

Our team makes videos to help you discover, learn and play games over on our YouTube channel.

The bird site was the main social media platform I used. Keen to explore an alternative and find some of my friends from there over here - and make some new ones!

Tip for the new folk:
Often Mastodon’s features work the way they do because it was first populated by people who had been harassed on FB and the Birdsite.

For instance (not sorry), you cannot search Masto for a simple term. Only #hashtags. Say you’re having a private conversation about iguanas. Anti-iguana trolls will not be able to search for “iguanas”, find your conversation, and drop into it to say, “Iguana luvers suck!”

But if you are wanting to connect with new iguana fanciers on Mastodon, slipping an #iguanas hashtag somewhere into your posts will allow people to search for and find them.

#TwitterMigration #Twitter

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