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Wir suchen fรผr eine bestehende Runde Verstรคrkung, bis zu 2 Spieler. Eckpunkte der Welt wurde von den Spielern erdacht neueinsteiger bekommen auch diese Chance .
Es ist eine Expedition in ein neu entdecktes Gebiet welches ihr, aus welchen Grรผnden auch immer antretet, denn unerwartete Gefahren aber auch Ruhm warten auf euch.

Regelwerk: ButterflyAspect
Plattform: Roll20 & Teamspeak(Voice) Discord(Absprachen)
Spielzeiten: Wรถchentlich Samstags 14:00-18:30

#spielersuche #pnpde #butterflyaspect

Shower thought: In a good rpg adventure the final resolution should be a puzzle, not a fight. Although combat may well be a welcome complication.

What do you guys think about this? And how does this conflict with your notion of an end boss fight?

Hi, all! First-time Mastodonian and lover of games, design, and game design. Before COVID I played a lot of 5e and board games, and now I have about eight month's worth of hunger for game-related content in any form!

Lately I've been working on a non-Euclidean dungeon with funky physics and weird gravity. Very inspired by games like Antechamber and HyperRogue as well as that one Ocarina of Time room where you go through the twisty hallway. Excited to chat with you all!

What's your favourite adventure in terms of an interesting and entertaining read?

@kensanata I the duration given in itunes:duration might be wrong. Newsboat seems to be strict about this ...

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@kensanata any idea why Halberds & Helmets episode 34 doesn't show up in newsboat?

๐Ÿ˜ญ On microsoft's hostile practices ๐Ÿ˜ญ,, blocking disroot emails.
Read more at:

Falls Euch wer fragt, ob ihr die 2. Welle auch โ€žrichtig nutztโ€œ um eine Sprache zu lernen (oder anderer nรผtzlicher Kram), ist es auch total OK zu antworten: โ€žIch habe mir gar nichts vorgenommen, auรŸer da psychisch gut durchzukommen. Das reicht mir total.โ€œ

@Whidou @mamadm I was caught up in another writing project and of course in my day time job ...

Should we put the Hexplore Revamped up on some git service? Any preferences? github? bitbucket? gitlab? I definitly want to continue on this though I'll only get to it from time to time.

Greetings, Tabletop!

I'm Terrana, and while I'm usually more active on, I hopped over here to see if I can find the tabletop RPG group I've been lacking for the last decade.

I'm a vaguely furry-adjacent dragonish sort, with a love of intricate systems, many things SF/F, and overthinking *everything*.

UK-based, monolingual English-speaker, apologetic for both facts.

Over on twitter Christian Mehrstam shows some work in progress on ... I see -mode and in action ... interesting ๐Ÿ˜

flash of insight after ruminating on and :

Opposed 2d6 rolls are a great simple mechanic, but why not substitute one d6 with an attribute, skill or trait level in the range of 1-6? Less swingy results, meaningful attributes, and shifts of success come in a range of 1 to 10 - not to bad of match for d6 hit dice.

I wonder if this would qualify as a rules set in a post?

Apparently under it's not possible to write a retro clone that's also a book about ...

@Judd noble rider of dragons, listening to your reply - nay challenge! to Andy Goodman gave me a good laugh! Whoever will be your second shall feel honoured!

Thanks for your awesome podcast btw. I've been a quiet listener for quite some time already ...

So, I'm thinking about a way to loosely define NPCs in a system neutral supplement.

So far each NPC has three categories to describe "Appearance", "Motivation" and "Traits".

Now the fourth category I'm thinking about should contain things the NPC might have or could provide: anything from simple treasure to dark secrets and information the PCs are looking for. What would be a good one word title for this category? "Assets" maybe?

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