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Anyone one the fediverse interested in #boatbuilding ? Please boost πŸ‘

@kensanata the "problem" in yesterdays session was not so much characters splitting up in to solo quests but players not talking to each other while their characters were in the same scene 😬 ...

@kensanata yes, the 3 Big Black Books ... While a lot of it doesn't look exactly playable it's one mighty artifact, and an interesting read.

Not surprisingly the core mechanic is 2d6 roll under attribute +- skill ... which is then of course expounded in every possible and impossible direction.

@jmettraux @Stargazer

@kensanata @jmettraux @Stargazer I love it! I'm all into the traveller hype! ... So much so, that I even ... in a bout of fearlessness ... got Traveller5 😬

@jmettraux yes, my players know about these roles. However I only insist on having a caller and a mapper when group size is 6 players or more. Yesterdays session had three players.

... I think I need to focus on reflecting questions back in to the group. Especially with less experienced players a gaming session can easily degrade into multiple simultaneous one on one dialogs. What are your techniques to turn things back into a fruitful group conversation?

"never split the party" is not really a problem. The tough one is: "never split the group"!


Whew! Last nights session was tough on the GM ... torn between impartiality with respect to the player characters and wishing to give guidance to the players. Three clue rule is all well and good, sometimes you'd need three bill boards ... but halt! your being way to intentional right now! it's a sandbox game after all. If they don't get the clues, maybe they're not interested in where those clues might lead ... run with it ...


Thank you, @kensanata

Thank you, Jay Dragon whose text for the Wanderhome Quickstart inspired the words below.

Thanks, folks.


@Sandra yeah, death saves up the drama.

We've adopted the death save rules from Rules Cyclopedia: on HP <= 0 save against death ray to survive one phase. Any kind of medical aid restores 1d3 HP per phase. Roll saves repeatedly until HP > 0 to regain consciousness. If a save is failed the character dies.

@takeonrules @Canageek @kensanata yeah, Burning Wheel is a great game and an enlightening read. I bought it when I was in England some years ago, read through cover to cover ... and then sold it again. While I (hope I) can appreciate it, for what it is, and very much enjoy listening to @Judd and Sean playing it, I thought it was not the game for me. To specific in places, to many different cogwheels to keep lubricated ... well, to my taste. Enjoy your read, @kensanata

@PresGas well, isn't it a God already? Just as it is?

Cool find! Bookmarked!

@kensanata Thanks, interesting stuff.

I remember Mindjammer had a random table for sky colors, but I don't have the book anymore. @BradJMurray

@kensanata I see, classic travellers skills are defined loosely enough I think. Well actually some are quite specific, but then others are vague, so there's some leeway for interpretation.

Actually in our 5 year long OD&D campaign, which seems to close in to it's end soon, I wished for non combat related skills more than once πŸ˜…

@kensanata @BradJMurray any ideas how to come up with sky colors for generated worlds? Are there any rules to derive sky color from primary class and atmosphere maybe? or just a random table?

Hello all! In the interest of finding out how the Fedi skews, I want to run another age poll. Please pick the decade that you fall in (there are two polls; if you don't belong in the first, you may belong in the second).

Boosts welcome and encouraged!

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