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@kensanata I like it, but shouldn't the odds for a security encounter read 4- (or 10+ if a high roll would indicate an encounter)?

Are there any botanists or botany hobbyists on here who can help me with tree rot and plant decay? πŸ‘€

One rather inconspicuous detail I like very much about the classic is the notion of setting up custom tasks. While there are only a limited amount of default actions given, those serve as examples for an unlimited amount of possible actions.

For example: To pick a mechanical lock roll 9+, DEX 10+ and each level in mechanics adds +1 to the roll.

Once such task has been defined it becomes a fixed rule in the campaign.

@BradJMurray interesting, I actually ordered the Classic Traveller CD-ROM a couple of days ago, and will check out Striker 😎 @kensanata

@kensanata yes, of course. But maybe still differentiate player info from referee info?

@kensanata how about the usual format for patron encounters?

  • player info

  • referee info

1-6 varying details

like in Supplement 6: 76 Patron Encounters. For me it is these structures that make a game feel like Traveller.

@kensanata since Classic Traveller seems to be on your agenda, what are your thoughts on it's combat system?

I feel the strong urge to house rule in a much simpler system, as I don't think I want to focus on combat too much, and find all this table lookup business quite awkward. Just opposed rolls maybe? somewhat like in your Just Halberds?

Bitcoin is a massive, massive ongoing ecological disaster. You can not in any way pretend you are an environmentally conscious company, and support bitcoin.

At the moment, one of the biggest things that could be done to help fight global warming is to destroy bitcoin.

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@Sandra but aren't these rather varying play styles? I can't remember any rules system, that e.g. allowed you only to roll dice if you played your role well.

I'd say, I even switch freely between thoes four variants even in a single game.

@Sandra @Capheind @jens

... From experience in my gaming group I gravitate towards rules systems, that demand very little rules knowledge from the players. If all they have to remember is to roll 3d6 under some target number, that's fine. Also the character sheet should be as simple as possible. On the other hand just about all of my players are into backstories, and signature gear, crafting, and some tend to get hung up on technical details. That's why I think GURPS wont be a bad fit.

@Sandra @Capheind @jens

Yeah, that's an obvious advantage of Fate. However actually coming up with good aspects, let alone use them mechanically seems to be a problem for many players ...


right, and as to those pivotal skills, versus playing out scenes with regard to equipment, room features, conflicting NSCs or whatever: I like to think of skill checks as short cuts, one might want to use, but doesn't have to.

If you want to play out a social scene, go ahead. Convince me and I'll sure add a bonus to the reaction roll. And if you enjoy solving the puzzle trap yourself, all the better, let's play it out and forget about any skills for now ...

@Sandra @Capheind

@Sandra sounds like a playbook approach. If you think about it, templates are almost playbooks, well, 50% of the way maybe ;-)

I've been toying with that idea a while now: somewhat randomized attributes generation, fewer, but well chosen traits and packages of skills and equipment to mix and match, that will imply some setting. And with little extra work, playbook characters could still be compatible to the regular point buy system. @nono


right, what misses is a generate as you go system.

Like the Quick Character Generation in Fate core

I always hope that the mook will get backing by sjgames to put out a book on streamlining gurps ...


@nono @Sandra
so, I've gm'ed a couple of one shots using every now and then, and was suprised of how easy it felt at the table - literally every time.

Listening to actual plays like the film reroll podcast seems to give the same impression.

That's why I hoping to get a true campaign going eventually.

But true, chargen can be a nightmare. Especially 4th edition would be utterly hopeless without the templates system ...

@Sandra do you regret because you don't enjoy the 100% gurps experience, or because a stepping stone should be more like at 50% of the way? @nono

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