Afficionados of Dungeon Crawl Classics! while I enjoy Appendix N literature and the tropes of dungeon crawling, I always get the impression that is just a tad too much tongue in cheek for my taste. The adventures I've come across all seem to assume a certain baseline gonzoness.

Am I mistaken? Or are there any "serious" adventures you could recommend? Or maybe you've played a serious campaign with DCC as the rules set? How about horror in DCC?

I think you are right. Maybe the Lankhmar setting is a bit darker and more serious, but I haven't read anything.
There is the Transylvanian Adventures module for horror, but it's really Hammer-film style, so you may say it is too gonzo as well. For OSR horror, have a look at Silent Legiont (Sine Nomine Publishing).

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