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DMing is social and emotional investment, and donning the cloak of the dungeon master plugs a time tested, dopamin driven positive feedback loop into all our nerdy geekery ... that's why it's so cool, and that's why we crave ...

I remember writing copious email to my gaming group trying to evoke some sort of feedback ... making me even feel worse afterwards ...


@kensanata @Whidou @TQ ... in the last campaign I GMed, I decided to not play during the summer ... that gave me time to not wonder, when the next session will be on, not wonder whether they liked it, decompress, prevent GM burnout, read appendix N stuff, to recharge my creative batteries ...

@wandererbill @kensanata @Whidou @TQ For the last few campaigns I've run, I've taken some cues from TV: shooting for ~12 episode "seasons", running at fixed timeslots, and mostly taking summers off.

For the fixed timeslots, it's usually like "every other Wednesday at 7," and then if we don't have a quorum I just cancel and try again in two weeks. It's too exhausting trying to get consensus on a date and time.

When I do run sessions in the summer, I shoot for self-contained episodes.

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