@kensanata @wandererbill I tried recently to have players wear nametags with their character name and their character CHA score, to remind me of their names and each other of their CHA score.

I also tried to give more attention to the ones with higher CHA (and hoped they'd play by their score). But it's hard to override the natural interactions, player CHA prevailed over character CHA.

Of course they forgot the nameplates at home for the second session

@jmettraux @kensanata @wandererbill

We’re like all character names all the time when we are talking about the game. Even when scheduling or like passing the snacks. We have a high turnover rate for characters so this helps us learn the new character names. Except that Jalara has been alive for 67 sessions somehow. The Corsair Queen of the Sunless Island…

I have fucked up vision (why am I even a painter…!?) so I couldn’t see name tags anyway.

We don’t use Int/Wis/Cha in the normal way so that problem’s solved too.


@Sandra @jmettraux "Address the characters, not the players", a principle PbtA tought us. @kensanata

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