@kensanata @BradJMurray any ideas how to come up with sky colors for generated worlds? Are there any rules to derive sky color from primary class and atmosphere maybe? or just a random table?

@wandererbill @BradJMurray Given that I recently heard the sunset on Mars was blue… I'd say anything goes? From what I understand, the scattering of light depends on the the class of the sun and the atmosphere, and on the dust and thickness of the atmosphere in particular. That seems to me to indicate that anything goes, except that both ends of the spectrum are vastly more likely.

@kensanata Thanks, interesting stuff.

I remember Mindjammer had a random table for sky colors, but I don't have the book anymore. @BradJMurray

@wandererbill @BradJMurray super short text and picture that I enjoyed about the sky on Mars and the Swiss Alps, and the Sahara desert…

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