@kensanata since Classic Traveller seems to be on your agenda, what are your thoughts on it's combat system?

I feel the strong urge to house rule in a much simpler system, as I don't think I want to focus on combat too much, and find all this table lookup business quite awkward. Just opposed rolls maybe? somewhat like in your Just Halberds?

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@wandererbill I need more experience. If the end effect is that for most situations violence is 50% change of one-shot death (or at least heavy wounds that take a long time to heal), then we can use that for role-play: everybody is afraid of a fight and ready to negotiate. For that to work, the world must react appropriately to people in full body armour moving around the setting, though.

@wandererbill @kensanata Counterintuitively, you can get a better *and* simpler combat system by mining Striker rules. Weapons now only have a penetration value (and range bands). Roll, add (pen-armour), look up result. Light damage (1d6), Severe damage (3d6), or dead (6d6).

@BradJMurray interesting, I actually ordered the Classic Traveller CD-ROM a couple of days ago, and will check out Striker 😎 @kensanata

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