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So what I mean is…

In GURPS, you can use templates or you can build your on classes w/o templates.

Then you can use the premade skills/advantages or you can build your own.


Whereas in Fate you can just write down any text. Like “The second fastest gun in the west”—and that means something mechanically, that works.

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Yeah, that's an obvious advantage of Fate. However actually coming up with good aspects, let alone use them mechanically seems to be a problem for many players ...


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... From experience in my gaming group I gravitate towards rules systems, that demand very little rules knowledge from the players. If all they have to remember is to roll 3d6 under some target number, that's fine. Also the character sheet should be as simple as possible. On the other hand just about all of my players are into backstories, and signature gear, crafting, and some tend to get hung up on technical details. That's why I think GURPS wont be a bad fit.

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