Could anyone recommend books/PDFs about the setting?

I'm interested mainly in lore and art.

@wandererbill A few years ago – before it was all available as PDFs – I really got into Planescape, bought the main four boxes off eBay, bought a bunch of adventures, and started using it in my campaign. It turned out to be really low density, to be honest. There is a lot of text that doesn't scream "adventure". It's a lot of text, and you can read it, and you still need to come up with your own adventures.

@wandererbill That said, I liked the basic idea of The Eternal Boundary ("Die Ewige Grenze", I actually have a printed German copy). Sigil, the faction, a building, crossing over to another plane, more adventure. It has all the building blocks.

@wandererbill I guess you could also plat Planescape: Torment? I tried that but never got far because I'm too old for old games or something, haha.

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