Shower thought: In a good rpg adventure the final resolution should be a puzzle, not a fight. Although combat may well be a welcome complication.

What do you guys think about this? And how does this conflict with your notion of an end boss fight?

@wandererbill I think that final resolution of a good adventure should be the narrative climax. There should be large stakes and the odds should be stacked against the players, but they should have a chance of winning. I know that this can be done with a fight, but I am not sure how well it can be done with a puzzle.
I'm open to trying it out, though :P

@pench4nt so true.

I'm thinking of puzzle in a broader sense here, like a final surprising twist. Or something along these lines: the big bad evils might is overwhelming, with no way beating it to submission.

But here's your last chance to exploit it's one weekness.

Aah, I see. That might work out very well, I think. Maybe even better than a combat because everyone expects a BBEG fight.

I have run a suicide squad like game where the aim was just to get rid of the (figurative) bomb and get out alive. It ended brutally, with only one PC making it out alive. It might have been a bit too much, but it was extremely memorable. We still talk about it.

So, I'm fully with you on this one :D


I’ve learned to not plan end boss fights or BBEGs.

I’ve had too many parties mop the floor with the boss but die to a rando mob. Against fucking Acererak they died against a zombie against Strahd, they died against 3d6 wolves.

I’ve learned to zoom out in my thinking. The entire world is the encounter. “The big U” — the universe.

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