I guess I’m going to be getting a Roll 20 account after all.

@kensanata Probably the best option if you’re not on Windows and you need tactical combat. I’ve looked at the other, newer VTTs (Astral, Rolegate) and they’re extremely immature and severely lacking in docs.

@anahata what do you use if you don’t need tactical combat? I guess I like picture sharing, voice, chat, and a dice bot. I’d prefer it not be Discord but that’s the only alternative I can think of. IRC is a bit tricky to get started with and bots and all that hard to set up...

I believe darkmyst.org has dicebots ready if you want to go #irc

I'm setting up our odnd campaign on roll20 just now #playfromhome
@anahata @invisivel

@wandererbill @kensanata @invisivel I’m afraid that’s not really an area I’ve looked into very much given that I’m not a visual artist and my hand-eye coordination is restricted to electronics with face buttons. :) I’ll happily boost anything you find though!

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