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Time for another :

So hi everyone, I've been posting related stuff over on and on reddit for quite a while now, decided to move here with a brandnew handle, yay.

I'm GMing a face to face campaign of original in (germany) for almost three years now, interested in all things , but there's also quite a bit of and on my bookshelf πŸ˜‰

husband, father, family physician and boats enthusiast when not gaming.

Why you do not use XMPP?

Please share your opinions.


Google will pay Apple 15 billion dollars to remain default Safari search engine in 2021 on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

This is the price of your personal data, Apple users.

Google knows how to move strategically to know everything about you and this is temible.

If your privacy is important for you you should think twice about what devices and software you use on your daily basis.


Hello! I'm looking for P&P-people that would be willing to talk (chat/mail) to me for an article. I'm planing a series for the weekly newspaper I'm working for, where I'll cover the basics and try to explain why different people love role-playing.

I'm especially interested in queer/lgbtiq rpg players and educators using rpgs in formal/non-formal education settings, but NOT exclusively.

It is of course possible to remain anonymous if that would be necessary.

Boosts are welcome, thank you!

#rpg #pnp #roleplaying

A point which, regrettably, still needs to be hammered home in so many policy discussions.

Engaging in a meaningful debate is impossible without an understanding of the interplay of the key systems / tech / protocols.

QT webfoundation: On #WorldWideWebDay, here’s your regular reminder that the web β‰  the internet.


eye opening advice on happy jacks rpg podcast:

"what are the three moments in the game, that you can visualize in your head, the three things you want to see happen? Write those down, steer to that, and whenever you wonder what's gonna happen, go back to your three points".

Afficionados of Dungeon Crawl Classics! while I enjoy Appendix N literature and the tropes of dungeon crawling, I always get the impression that is just a tad too much tongue in cheek for my taste. The adventures I've come across all seem to assume a certain baseline gonzoness.

Am I mistaken? Or are there any "serious" adventures you could recommend? Or maybe you've played a serious campaign with DCC as the rules set? How about horror in DCC?

What's a generic way to construct equipment lists and currency systems for s?

For those of you who do their own equipment lists, currencies, price lists for their homebrew settings, where do you start? Some kind of boilerplate you'd recommend?

There's a Bundle of Holding for Fate Core up with a bunch of Fate stuff for your gaming and reading pleasure:

#faterpg #ttrpg

There's a bit over a day left in an Old School Essentials game jam over on itch

In the OSE Class Jam, you have 72 hours to make a OSE class based on a specific idea. This one is "Seaside Adventure".

Today I stumbled over this blog post from 2016. Tim Kask mentioning, among other interesting things, opposed die rolls:

"they rolled a d20, the DM rolled a d20 and the DM made a ruling"

Our Email Self-Defense guide, which teaches you how to encrypt your email with GnuPG, is back and better than ever! Check out the updated version, get your GnuPG set up, and share with absolutely everyone you know with #UserFreedom:

pdftotext and grep are a nifty combination to squeeze some inspiration out of your roleplaying PDFs πŸ€“

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