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Time for another :

So hi everyone, I've been posting related stuff over on and on reddit for quite a while now, decided to move here with a brandnew handle, yay.

I'm GMing a face to face campaign of original in (germany) for almost three years now, interested in all things , but there's also quite a bit of and on my bookshelf 😉

husband, father, family physician and boats enthusiast when not gaming.

So when it comes to layout for DIY stuff like s, and a control panel like approach seems to be the way to do it:

Has anyone done a package for this yet?

Guys, this is the thing to do this upcoming saturday. The excellent performance group has it's premiere of Show Me A Good Time produced in Berlin and San Diego ...

"In Show Me A Good Time, Gob Squad send out time-travelling, shape-shifting explorers into a strangely unfamiliar reality, to find out how to go on and where, amongst the dust and the dirt, a good time might be found again."

"Traveller is Old School/Rules Light. Mostly conversation between Referee and Players, the Referee adjudicating rolls and outcomes on the fly."

"The submission deadline for the 2020 One Page Dungeon Contest is July 1st, 2400 UTC" –

Itch are raising money for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund with a massive bundle containing over 700 DRM-free games:

There's also some smaller bundles which are donating proceeds to bail funds:

Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here:

Has anyone of you folks on the an opinion about 5? Actual playing experience?

I really enjoyed these two podcast eposodes by Che Webster. So simple, so basic and so true. Here instead of "rules" the actual game engine is in focus. New players and GMs will get most out of it, but they're a good listen for every enthusiast.

... high structure/low rules games are good for improvised / emergent story telling (the and indie crowd?)

High rules/low structure games are good for scripted/prewritten adventures ("new school" games?). Also, they might provide more percieved "fairness" to the players (combat as sports).

Where on this continuum would you locate your favourite game?

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Here's something for you guys to ponder:

Every pivots around the magic question "What do you do?" (thanks Dave Arneson).

Whatever comes after that question is governed by the rules.

However things that go before said question are game structure.

It's interesting to see how different games put more or less emphasize on game structure. PbtA: a lot, Traveller: more structure than rules, OD&D: quite a bit. Many "new school" games: ton of rules, scant on structure ...

I like this introductory podcast to roll playing from the players perspective. It's system neutral, focusses character and the true arnesonian gaming engine.

Any of you guys know of a system-agnostic spell book / magic system for s?

If you don't know it, there's a free and open source grid based map creation tool for sessions. It's called Mipui, and it's pretty nice!

at least I saved everyone from tedious rolling down of hit dice ... and in a way, the players still got what they wanted ... albeit with only a weak feeling of accomplishment 😅

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interestingly ... as I think about it, the problem was not to few hit points on the monsters side, but purely a problem of bad tactics on my side 🤔

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A botched encounter: last nights game had a crazy hermit wizard, supposed to be more than an obstacle. Once the party faced him though, I decided, his lightning bolt would be just too harsh, it would have insta-killed one of the PCs. But then I woefully misjudged the reach of the parties mounted fighter. Two failed initiative rolls later, the party just punched that wizard into submission and even anihililated the djinn I had planned as a backup ... gotta learn hi level OD&D encounters ...

Do virtual tabletops make the players want to see something on the screen? I find it much harder to go back to theatre of the mind, once the fiddling with virtual minis has started.

While playing around with form fillable PDF for character sheets, I wonder:

Is it possible to have image fields in a pdf, so people could drag and drop their character sketches into their character sheet?

I'm trying to do this in LibreOffice Draw. Textfields no problem, but image fields? 😬

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