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Moin -Gemeinde. Da hier gerade so viele neue Leute aufkreuzen, nutze ich die Gelegenheit für eine

Ich leite mit Unterbrechungen seit 2016 die "Grenzland-Kampagne": old-school , offene Sandbox, open table, manchmal online, lieber face to face, irgendwo in
Kürzlich ging die 6. Spielzeit los. Neue Spieler:innen willkommen.

Interessiert? Hier gucken:

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O.k. I'm in, too:
Played/Run (in recent order):
1) Ambitions & Avarice
4) Halberds & Helmets

Want to:
1) more od&d, up to the domain game and onwards ;-)
2) Classic Traveller: Leviathan or Trillion Credit Squadron
3) Traveller5
5) Star Wars d6 reup (maybe)

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Time for another :

So hi everyone, I've been posting related stuff over on and on reddit for quite a while now, decided to move here with a brandnew handle, yay.

I'm GMing a face to face campaign of original in (germany) for almost three years now, interested in all things , but there's also quite a bit of and on my bookshelf 😉

husband, father, family physician and boats enthusiast when not gaming.

Warning: Do not use Hive Social ⚠️🐝

We found multiple critical security vulnerabilities in the App, leaking private messages, posts, images and user data like phone numbers, emails and birthdates.

“The less you eat, drink, buy books, go to the theatre or to balls, or to the pub, and the less you think, love, theorize, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you will be able to save and the greater will become your treasure which neither moth nor rust will corrupt—your capital. The less you are, the less you express your life, the more you have, the greater is your alienated life and the greater is the saving of your alienated being.”

The Clearest Image of Jupiter ever taken by Juno spacecraft

In case you don’t believe the same equations govern #motion in the #atmosphere and the #ocean.

Video by Tristan Heth in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain.

Cauldron is a European Con that's going to happen in Germany next year, Friday Oct. 27 to Sunday Oct. 29, 2023.
The pictures look nice!

Cauldron - der europäische #osr Con öffnet vom 27.10.-29.10.2023 seine Pforten! #pnpde

saw this in the Old School Essentials group by George Patterson. it’s a black and white very stylized beholder for #dnd
Working on a lot more of these early modern illustration collage thingies for classic d&d monsters. This one is straight up goofy but.. I mean so is the original! Behold

January's Game Trade Media DORK TOWER is up now, for the strip's amazing PATREON backers.

Join the Army of Dorkness today, for as little as $1 a month, and SEE THE FUTURE!

Wo ist denn der Rollountergrund auf Mastodon? Ich habe bislang fast nur Klassensprechervibes gefunden...

@wandererbill Even when running #osr games or tradgames, i like to share out narrative authority/control to the players, especially when it is about setting the scene.
Example: When the PCs arrive in a rundown frontier town, i might invite the players to describe signs of decay, small Vignettes or people, they meet on the Street. My players find this usually quite engaging. The „World“ gains texture, Adventure hooks emerge. Inspiration: good ol #DungeonWorld #TrophyGoldRPG

So, referees, facilitators, story tellers of the fediverse, what are your favourite GMing techniques, which you feel enhance other world immersion, and visualizing fantastic scenes?

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Guten Freunden von mir ist letzten Donnerstag (17.11.) in #Oberhausen die Hündin entlaufen. Trotz Adresse am Hals und Chip gibt es immer noch keine Meldung zu dem Hund. Die Beiden sind ziemlich verzweifelt.
Ich verlinke mal den Tasso Steckbrief.
Ich hab zwar wenig Reichweite hier aber vielleicht geschieht ja ein Wunder :). Gerne retrööt. Danke.

I listen to Che Webster's Roleplay Rescue Podcast now and then. Recently he was talking about Goals for engagement, which got me thinking.

I feel I'm clearly in the fantasy (meaning not the genre, but rather escapism and other world immersion) and sense pleasure camp. Now I wonder whether the GMing habits and rules system choices I've developed over the years, actually support my own preferences best 🤔

Boy it sure would be nice to find more #DnD and #ttrpg folks on here so I could get away from the musk hut.

From D&D to Traveller, from GURPS to PBTA, our RPG Advice Show has all the games you love! Tonight! 7:30pm PST! Watch live at or listen later wherever you get your podcasts! #ttrpg #dnd

Anyway, all that talk about settings made me write a long blog post about the boring setting. Does this ever stop or does it get boring after a while?
«A boring setting helps me avoid droning on and on about all the smart-ass ideas I have and that I want to expound to the detriment of my player’s ability to make interesting decisions.»

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GURPS Dungeons & Dragons (the Cartoon)
In the mid-90s, SJG started adapting settings from other game companies, most notably Vampire: the Masquerade and Traveller.

In a particularly bold move, SJG made a deal with TSR to license D&D settings into GURPS books.

They had hoped to adapt some of the flagship settings like Ravenloft or Forgotten Realms, but to start off with TSR only gave them permission to adapt the 1980s animated D&D television series.

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