Yo, I'm interested in joining a game of #zweihander or #dnd online!

Hoping there are fellow roleplay gamers in the fediverse who will take me in.

#roleplay #rpg #boardgames #tabletop #games

I turned "The Big Purple D30 Rule" into a level 1 cleric spell:

A cleric may pray to ask for special luck for some character. That players character may then use a d30 for any one attack, damage or saving throw.

Attaching popular house rules to spells let's players activate those rules on a case by case basis, without changing the rules of the game permanently.


I like this! "The Plain Person’s Guide to Plain Text Social Science".
"So this discussion is not geared toward convincing you there is One True Way to organize things. I do think, however, that if you’re in the early phase of your career as a graduate student in, say, Sociology, or Economics, or Political Science, you should give some thought to how you’re going to organize and manage your work."

US Pol / Iran 

@Provinto maybe run a one-shot from some system neutral material? Trilemma? or even Hot-Springs Island :sweat_smile: I've not played Risus yet, but from reading it, combat seems to be a death spirale ...

Just found some nice and simple scripts for #mpv


perfect as a sink for youtube urls. Autoplay under my control, yay!

#linux #commandline

Just watched Luke Smith rant about mobile phones ... "chronic phone users" ... so true, oh boy, what are we doing.

Reset your phone now, don't think twice, just do it, no backup allowed. What are you going to lose?

"How the rich plan to rule a burning planet"


Conspiracy theory or not, while I'm a bit sceptical about the "classes" talk, this is exactly what I'm worried about these days ...

#climatecrisis #climatejustice #socialism

I just realised there is a german instance on role playing games rollenspiel.social

we're almost half way to our challenge goal of 1500€. Help us reach 750€ by the end of the day, and see your favorite domain taking the lead!

Holiday challenge: stat Santa!

No question he rides a large Sleigh of Flying, and can teleport many times a day. Pretty sure he also has ESP and probably can talk to animals.

But is he a chaotic good wizard? a high level druid? An Immortal? Or all is not as it seems and he's just an illusion, or an automaton?

Bonus points for adventure seeds ;-)

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