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A MUCH better image of the magic circle I designed and laser cut for our game. We're getting a blacklight setup so that we can have really cool fluorescent effects on the table.

And now for something different! Last year, we rebuilt our deck and front porch from scratch, and we finally got around to staining it. Now we need to get the house painted for real.

A couple really cool old sculpts I found in my kitbash drawer from AGES ago. I think these are Reaper or Ral Partha minis. If you know them, gimme a shout! Love to know what they were from!

Here's a cool tree heart charm thing I laser cut for my wife. Not bad for a first cut, but I designed the branches too small and they got charred.

I should really get around to painting this guy. he was one of the first things I printed on my elegoo mars 2 pro. Great sculpt found on thingiverse. I magnetized his wings, feet, and head, which was also a first for me.

This is what big parts look like coming out of a resin printer. This is part of a mask I did for Bristol Renfaire. Had to print it in 4 parts.

Examples of laser cut tokens I've designed for our upcoming game. Clockwise, Mana, Power, Fire, Entangle, and Corruption.

Various minis from Thingiverse. I've been working on my mini painting lately, and I think the lizardfolk is the best thing I've painted yet.

I now offer maker services, including Filament printing, Resin printing, and Laser cutting! Check it out!

Seems like this resin print of @fluffy-snowfall's Strahd Armor came out pretty good! And in time for holiday spooks too!

FINALLY got to spend some time last night actually painting some minis. These ones are kinda groaty. sorry not sorry. Need worms for your game? I can rustle up some grub.

This hideous spud is my king slime sculpt. Expect more monsters.

I ain't on hiatus, I'm deep in the mines. Here's a brief look at our new Spiral Game System site. Check it out at and help us test it!

UB Tries to Explain the Spiral Game System (Still in Testing!) with a Gh... via @YouTube

another sketch demon as I try to get refamiliarized with zbrush. Apparently sketchfab limited uploads to 1 per month so that's cool

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