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#map #cartography #fantasy #worldbuilding #nations #alliances #clipstudiopaint
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#tiefling #mage #sorceress #dnd #character #characterdesign #monster #monstergirl #horns #demon #tail #scales #magic #painting #drawing
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I'm working on a game about fantasy spies. The game is set in a particular world, and I'd like to do lots of worldbuilding.

My question to you is thus:

As a player/GM, would you rather...

1: The game has detailed information on every country in the world

2: The game has detailed information on major nations

3: The game provides mechanisms for you to create your own world from scratch

Which is good, because I keep forgetting to not close it while I'm working on something else, then needing to open it again...

In my head, I pronounce AnyDice as "AH-nee DEE-chay," and no one can stop me.

@pixelfed Sometimes I images from my pixelfed account boosted on Mastodon don't show up. Is there a place to report bugs?

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#dnd #character #portrait #samurai #knight #soldier #hobgoblin #armor #sword #drawing #sketch #commission #color #painting #lighting #metal

Final edit PDF for The Dawnline is finally just about wrapped up. Almost time to order proofs.

So I guess I just got Affinity Designer. I like it, but I wish I didn't feel the need to keep purchasing new software.

Working on a crunch-heavy, realistic fantasy . It's not low fantasy though, it's going to have plenty of magic.

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#dnd #character #tiefling #demon #girl #monstergirl #smug #warlock #sketch #drawing #fantasy #art

Gotta be honest, before starting afternoon art segment, I didn't want to get back into my painting, but now that I'm done for the day, I don't even remember what else I even wanted to do. Now I feel lost, like I'm in the book-hole, and it's not even time for dinner yet. @___@

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