@halcek I must have been mad. Manuskript is incredible. Take the stuff out of Scrivener that I didn't like, default it to Markdown, and boom. I may stick to CherryTree for tabletop gaming campaign notes, but I'm excited to try this out on a real project. Thanks for the kick in the pants @halcek !

@halcek You know, I tried this one too, but now that I look at it again, I can't remember why I didn't go with it. As I mentioned, I loved Scrivener, but it exports garbage. I'll give Manuskript a try again.

@caconym I'd love to see how far you take a maquette (3d or clay) before you start painting.

Reference is king, I guess

So I guess I'm trying to put stuff on Instagram too now: instagram.com/arcandio/

here's the question though: should I use this like a sketchbook too and put my stuff on there? Or stick to finished pieces?

@halcek I think I'm going to run with CherryTree for a bit, because I've managed to write a decent parser for the data format. It works fast enough for me to use in the middle of a live D&D game and I can get my data back out. Hits most of the marks. So Far.

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@caconym This is the piece I meant to ask about, but the same strengths are present in your other work. You've got excellent form drawing and tone shapes. How do you achieve that?

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@halcek Wow, I remember looking at this like YEARS ago, and I forgot about it completely. Not sure how it'd work for longer projects/wikis, but might be worth a shot. Thanks!

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