I should make a game about tacos and fighting machines


tex mechs


@Joystick_Hero That's a good point, it does kind of fit more into the "single event" type of thing

@Joystick_Hero This is like being a White Hat adventurer from the POV of the dungeon operator, lol. I love it. Even if you don't actively make changes, you'd want to be looking for optimizations in their security system.

This sounds like a blast.

@Joystick_Hero Are there examples of that where the triggered activity is still part of the same action? The quintessential example for trigger on success is damage from successful attack rolls, but I can't think of one for failures.

#monster #commission #illustration #sketch #drawing #art #city #TheDawnline #action #scene #monochrome

@allegras1stmate Two problems so far: increased complexity & no way to implement PBTA player moves yet

I'm in the process of seeing what happens if I mash and together. Seeing if I can reduce some of people's complaints about Fate.

@kirby I have a low ottoman next to my recliner that's big enough to set a dinner tray or about 2.5 D&D books on. It doesn't help me read, per se, but it makes it easier to manage a lot of in-use stuff.

Man I just fell down a huge rabbit hole of reading criticisms and now I just feel like crap all around. Awesome.

: Writing up a quick game called The Lost Soul Blues inspired by Lasers & Feelings, but with a Diablo & Metallica kind of feel.

But alas and alack, I've got other games to be working on.

@HolyMoly I just had to get a new modem and even for the two hours that my internet was down, it felt like the empty vastness of existential dread was rising to consume me.

But then I realized what the problem was and that I could go get it replaced at the store. So that's good.

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