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Also, I just finished fixing all of our DTRPG pages with corrected images. Now you can see things again! Yaay!

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Commission Me here: http://arcandio.com/#commissions

Wife and I are attempting a 1-20 D&D run. Here's her character, Margren. Believe it or not, she's actually a warlock, and her patron likes to spy on her and talk in her ear. Unhelpfully of course.

#painting #portrait #dnd #character #commission #commissionme #elf #halfelf #spear #warlock #witch #fantasy #art
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Working on a race of snake people for 5e. Going to have to make a cleric named Charlton Hisston.

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hey folks, a friend of mine is streaming some sketching, let's watch:


Just curious, what do people I know think of D&D Beyond?

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