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birds vs rats. Corvus Cabal v Skaven Plague Priests as we try to get two objectives from each other. We both ran to the corners, but here I'm trying to chase down their leader before it's too late.

Corvus Cabal Complete. Magnetic bases and a piece of painted steel for transportation and safety. I can't tell you how many times I broke that crow off the leader. Probably some more individual shots of them later.

more finishing work on the Corvus Cabal. I REALLY LOVE this little system of handles I came up with. laser-cut divided boxes, 1" dowel or 3/4 cut down boards for handles, boom. perfect for organization and transportation. I've got 4 boxes now so I can do up to 36 guys at a time.

How about an FPS about mini painting? Finally getting around to finishing the wife's Corvus Cabal Warcry minis! Ever since I set up my spray booth, I've avoided using rattle cans. It's more cost effective, and I don't have to worry about whatever propellants they're using.

Just showing off some maggot swarms for a client's 3mm wargame. Modified my grub swarm model and learned some geometry nodes in blender. On the left is my main drying and curing setup. A big cardboard box with silver tape goes over the top.

Quintin and Orianna for my game, finally painted. Hope their players are happy with them! Sculpts from HeroForge, of course.

WIP of BerryBlitz's character for my game. bubblegum pink is pretty hard to paint apparently. Need a lot more layers to cover the darker parts.

basecoats on two minis for my friends playing my campaign, Orianna and Quintin. Minis by @HeroForgeMinis.

New photo of an old paintjob at my new mini shelves. Trying out camera color adjustments on my new phone. Sculpt is from

Last time we played we had to stop just before the big Epic Rat Battle of History, so I took an overhead so I can rebuild it next sesh. Anyone else taking photos to record the tactical sitch?

WIP on some awesomely hideous nurglings found on Thingiverse:
I love these ugly little spuds, wow. I want to paint more nurgle.

Comparison of undiluted vallejo white primer on the right and white ink with matte medium on the left. I'm trying to see if the droplet size is smaller with ink, which it seems like it is, if only slightly. So I guess that's a thing. More white ink I guess.

of a commission for a hexblood bard who's so ugly that he mesmerizes people. still have more shadows and lighting to do before the final paintover

I just really like the high contrast achieved by washes like Army Painter Dark Tone. Still have a ways to go though.

You can really see the speckling in the zenithal highlight on this one. I think that's because I'm bad at mixing the right paint to water ratio to avoid pooling with my airbrush. I want some new white ink, the last stuff I had just washed off; no acrylic medium in it I think.

More of liz's minis. We had trouble differentiating the spirestalkers from the cabalists in our games so far, so we made the heavies reddish and the mooks blue.

finally getting around to painting liz's minis. so far, just barely started the basecoats.

Had a brutal alleyway fight between the PCs and some of Clement Carver's orc bois last session of . Yet again, Evelyn rages and sweeps the floor with two dudes to start with, but their leader did some pretty serious damage.

My first Object Source Lighting attempt. Came out a little weird with the sparkly paint, but looks nice overall.

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