Finished printing a model I sculpted for a long-time client and pal, now to prime and paint!

We're looking for testers for our new mini-agnostic coop skirmish game, Ex Eradicus! Check it out @

We're looking for testers for our new mini-agnostic coop skirmish game, Ex Eradicus! Check it out @

Dragon skull from previous commission that I'm gonna turn into a product for my etsy shop.

This time, it's a mini, the Chimera, which I'm doing for the painting contest next month. So far, only underpainting. Zenithal, white drybrushing and inks. Hope to do lots of glaze layers on this one.

Myrmourn Banshees WIP. mostly done with the ectolplasm, now to work on the bases and details.

glaivewraiths WIP. still refining the cloaks a bit, basecoated the glaives. Now to basecoat the bases and start refining the details.

This is definitely the best blending I've ever done. I don't even know how many glaze layers I've used here. Now I just need to translate that over to painting SMALLER parts, like armor and such.

A quick comparison of HeroForge's color print (right) and my paint job (left). I wanted to see how it handled light colors like skin tones compared to dark colors. Because the plastic is transparent, there's a LOT of subsuface scattering on the color print

You can't even see the objective. I should make some of those cool objective markers. Here's a big pile of Skaven trying to contest the territory. See the rats on the walls? I was wrong. You can't end your move climbing.

EPIC RAT BATTLES OF HISTORY! Anyone remember that? Well, turns out we have enough Skaven Plague Priests to split them into two separate warcry warbands. Seen here as THE BETRAYER (green, center) guards the Fallen Star from his former allies, the other greens. Felt very cinematic.

Got the ladders painted up. One side's wood, the other side is ash/stone. Here's a demo of using them. I stuck everything down with gray poster tack, and it works really good. I left the big platform on the left unattached so we can move it to get underneath if we need to.

finally getting around to my ghostiebois. Nighthaunt Glavewraiths and Myrmourn Banshees. And my nifty painting handles and organizers. Also seen here in my big painting desk/organizer/caddy thing by my easy chair.

Designed and cut these ladders / platforms / barricades on the new laser setup. They look pretty good as they are, but I decided to paint them anyway.

Some augmentation to my K40 laser. Added a honeycomb for support and airflow, cleaned the old bed, removed the standoffs, and put in a lab jack to move things up and down. Seems to be pretty easy to dial in and stays pretty flat so far.

On the other side of the battle field, the Shrike Talon descends on its prey. Note the preemptively placed health dice for the Skaven in anticipation of bloody death.

Aaaand as soon as I had her backed into a corner, she escaped. Some seriously fancy footwork with dropping and picking up the objective before the end of the round. Also showcases our custom laser cut activation tokens.

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