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Friday afternoon, 20 minutes from the weekend and I get the second proof back on .

I think something may have gone wrong.

Still trying to balance the core mechanics here. Not sure I like how unnecessary this makes invoking aspects.

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Hey ! Yesterday, we raised over four MILLION dollars for . That's UNBELIEVABLE. Today, let's support smaller creators. Retweet this thread, and if you know an creator or artist with an indie game, a module, or a , link it in the comments.

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I'm in the process of seeing what happens if I mash and together. Seeing if I can reduce some of people's complaints about Fate.

Once again, I dug kinda deep in the for ATSD...

All I needed was the philosophies of the 3 colored alliances.

Some worldbuilding stuff for a campaign I'm still prepping, months later. Had a lot of fun figuring out how Old Kingdom garb influenced Erosa and Vyzis, and how they in turn combined for the Alliance.

@host test post

this image should be 2.03 mb, barring compression that happens on mastodon

Got a few minutes before dealing with the weather, so I tried to get the lineart for this commission finished.

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Let me tell you about one of my all time favorite RPGs: Oubliette 2nd edition from @Voidspiral@twitter.com! This Fate powered game is perfect for jumping into with new and experienced players! The best part? YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD! And you can create literally any kind of character you want!

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