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Gross Monster Miniatures 

Getting around to re-modeling my imp for better printing at a smaller size. After this, I'll need to remesh and sculpt in some extra volumes between limbs and stuff.

I think this new paladin warlock is on the verge of being somewhat complicated to play.

We had a great time at this year. First time with a vendor table and yet we sold out of flagship games, made the table back by miles, demoed a ton of stuff for a bunch of people, chilled with folks, hung out with our friends, made connections, and generally had a blast. Thanks to everyone who came by, and we look forward to seeing you all next year!

So I guess I'm going to try to sell some 3d printed minis I designed at . Shoulda thought to print more, though. Same with the condition rings.

phew, been a while since I was so stuck on a game design project. Hopefully I can get it to a testable state soon and show everyone.



With this, the Voidspiral Mad Scientist Lab is now fully equipped*!

*except for a resin printer, table saw, band saw, sander, dust collection, fume hood, etc.

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guys i'm working on a gm cheatsheet/dm screen and its going great

Still trying to optimize the process of creating tabletop rpg books into financial viability.

Been a while folks. Here's a map I worked up for a D&D campaign with the wife. Our goal is to go all the way from 1 to 20 this time. I've worked up so many extra resources for this campaign that session prep takes a few minutes now.

Finally got around to using TeX math notation in a book.

Don't worry, this is for expert-level equipment design. Completely optional for the game.

Just got the beta of 2.8, and MAN that's slick. DANG. Wife and I just spent part of the evening working on a design for a huge awesome D&D table, and it was a blast. Blender folks: Yall did AWESOME work. Keep it up!

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