It must have been months since I painted single layer like this - I usually only do pen and paper sketches and color blocking (and abuse overlay layers lmao).

I'm not sure if I will continue working it or if I should move on to something else, but I had a lot of fun painting.

@caconym This is the piece I meant to ask about, but the same strengths are present in your other work. You've got excellent form drawing and tone shapes. How do you achieve that?

@voidspiral Thank you! That's an interesting question.

Concretely, I very often build a maquette either using polymer clay or digital 3d. Daz3d has excellent figures to get started with for humanoids and you can play with lighting in Blender.

In addition, I had to practice rendering primitive form a lot. I still am I guess, it's one of the thing you can work on learning forever.

But making maquettes is really the way to go. Even the simplest clay sculpture helps a lot. =]


@caconym I'd love to see how far you take a maquette (3d or clay) before you start painting.

Reference is king, I guess

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