Subtle announcement that I'm working on my own fantasy OSR heartbreaker... here's the race list for it! DAE really bored of halflings/gnomes?

D&D's clerics have always confused me. They fit in a midpoint between a holy man and a crusader, and overlap more and more with paladin. I wrote a version for OSR games that's much, much more of a preacher - take a look!

You solve problems. Not problems like "what is beauty," because that would fall within the purview of conundrums of philosophy. You solve D&D problems.

an addition to yesterday's post - 100 things your mad scientist might have in their pockets/lab/extradimensional cupboards!

Every age has assumptions about how the world "is" or "should be". You know how very, very wrong those assumptions are - and how exactly to turn them on their heads. In past ages they would call you a witch. In this one, they call you a Mad Scientist.

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getting a 20 on my persuasion role to shiit in privacy

rules to play Judge Dredd or Sam Vimes in your OSR game! Or run them as enemies with class templates, because they're cops

Have some race templates for starry-eyed space travelers that crash-landed in your OSR fantasy world! Or were they there all along?

One issue I take with OSR is the hard limit on spells per day that wizards get; it's far too low to let them shine or even really be wizards most of the time. This lets you wizard more at the cost of potential Bad Decisions, a dynamic that I really enjoy.

today I learned that there's a book series all about giant crabs that menace london, aren't crustaceans neat? anyway here's OSR rules for a few different species.

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Long time no post; I've been doing everything on main - but for y'all tabletop people, I have a blog now!

My first two posts are a class for OSR games and some tables for magical scars; please feel free to use them and leave comments!

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Don't they have regular analysts without god-complexes or apocalyptic amounts of computational resources for that? But it seems rather urgent, and they're offering stock options. Guess you're headed out. Prep for cryo and grab your vac suit, you're shipping out at 0500 aboard the CSS (that's Company Star Ship to you) Bonaventure.

Don't ask what happened to the last crew they sent.

The capricious architect-mind that built the engine is using it to view and broadcast the doings of enigmatic alien civilizations that will arise tens of millions of years hence, in what's functionally the most technologically advanced reality show in the cosmos. And naturally, this being of no use to anyone, the Company needs your crew to go out there and make one simple request: what's our stock price next quarter?

The Oracle Engine is a miracle of mega-engineering. It uses gravitational lensing, a gas giant equivalent mass of computronium, and a billion networked cloned minds of one mad architect to loop light back on itself and glimpse the future. Not the useful, days/months/years/decades future, but the future of deep time, where humanity (and even its Posthuman descendants) shall never tread.

Mothership One-Shot Hook:

There's one rule in the Far Above. Don't touch the Posthumans. So of course, the Company is sending you to go and touch the Posthumans for fun and profit. Or did they say prophet?

Scenario information in replies

So I was introduced to this amazing sci-fi rpg called Mothership that I'm convinced is the gold standard for sci-fi. It has everything I wanted out of Classic Traveller, wrapped up in modern (not 5e modern, OSR modern, so ease of use, evocative random tables, and natural language) design sensibilities, with a heaping shovelful of Alien(s) on top. I've already got ideas...

Get it for PWYW (yes, including free) here:

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