I’m still not sure of the color scheme i’m gonna pick for this bad boys, but I want them ready for when the inspiration comes.

(I’m still trying to figure out the zenithal white primer technique)

yesterday I remembered a game of dialect that I played months ago. we played as a group of toys owned by children of a troubled family. we never finished the game, but it was the most fun i've ever had with roleplaying.

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Stormcast Eternal Annihilator

Tonight's work-in-progress is an Annihilator from the AOS 3.0 Dominion box set. I realize that this loadout isn't generally considered "competitive", but the Annihilator is such a gorgeous model with a fun aesthetic (colossal tanky boy with impact when charging!) that I find myself wanting to paint and field a unit anyway. ❤️

#wipWednesday #paintingMiniatures #paintingWarhammer #stormcastEternals #warhammer #ageOfSigmar #warhamFam #warhammerCommunity

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Adeptus Mechanicus Serberys Raider

One of my absolute favorite models in the AdMech line (quite possibly in all of 40k!) is the Serberys Raider. The sculpt and concept really drive home the vibe of desertpunk aesthetic in a martian wasteland that drew me to AdMech in the first place. While not shown here, the muted grey and silver go extremely well with Mars colored basing.

#paintingMiniatures #paintingWarhammer #warhammer #adeptusMechanicus #warhamFam #warhammerCommunity #praiseTheOmnissiah

which system would you use for a game set in a postapocalyptic world? i’m thinking something like fallout or even the last of us/walking dead.

speaking of painting minis, this is a wip of the first one I painted in like 15 years: a eldar farseer.

the color scheme is meant to resemble the slytherin uniform. it looks kinda messy, but I'm very proud of how it's turning!

tips/critiscism is welcome!

well, I guess it's time I make an .

hey everyone! I'm Víctor (he/they), a spanish ttrpg player (and DM when times are rough there's no other choice hahaha), although I recently entered the scary world of wargames just for the joy of painting minis.

you can also find me on my "personal" account @vampiro@mastodon.social

vale, creo que acabo de liarla fort 😂 redireccioné la cuenta "personal" a esta por probar y sin leer bien qué hacía, así que si no os interesan cosas de juegos de rol/mesa/figuritas volved a seguir a @vampiro@mastodon.social 🙏​

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