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Hey everyone, I'm Cze. I make battlemaps for DnD. I give them out weekly on Patreon. You can check that out here: patreon.com/czepeku I'm also starting work on an OSR zine. :)

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Hi and happy Summer, after so long! ☀️​
I had to tackle a heavy 'self discovering' arc on my main quest of life with some unfortunate nat1 rolls I got during winter. Now I have been much better and also been looking for places to internship at.

I did this vector drawing as a requested theme-free work sample to one potentially interested place - I hope this roll will be lucky!
This was inspired by suloruins' (insta&twitter) lesser healing potion he had crafted

Hello, I'm tyyti (nb they/them) and I too have arrived here from tumblr's side.
Coming from a drawn rpg past (tegakie-style), now a quite newcomer on DnD side with some experience on 5e campaigns, I'd love to learn and find about more regarding tabletop (and other) games!
I'm an artist with background on animation and game fields, and my jams include character design and storytelling. I may be tooting about those, but try to stay mostly on rpg side of topics on this account!

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