Hello everyone! I've just gotten into table top RPGs by watching various shows over at Geek and Sundry and am hoping to learn how to GM for my group of friends in the coming months 😊​

Get a good time system and read it (there's lots of good ones for free or cheap on internet). Then create an adventure and go on. The first times you'll do lots of errors but it's like riding a bike.

@tyrantguardian Welcome to the table!

What kind of RPG are you interested in?

@Yoric Thanks! I'm still waiting for my Mouse Guard box set to arrive which will be my first RPG experience. It seems beginner friendly enough! In a broader sense, I'm more interested in campaigns that are driven by narrative and problem solving rather than combat.

What are your favorites? :shark_think:

@tyrantguardian I'm mostly in rule-light narrative games, such as Amber Diceless or Fate. Wrote a few settings, even self-published one ruleset :)

I'm currently giving a try to Blades in the Dark / Scum and Villainy. I like the general setting and mood, although it's a bit too rule-heavy for me right now.

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