I need to stop neglecting this account and use it for my normal sfw stuff more often. Here's some of my favorite dice 😁 I got them as a misfit set at PAX back in September.

A WIP of a Water Genasi character I abandoned a while back. I did not like the red and could not for the life of me decide what to do with it. Still not sure what colors I want to go for.

The Preacher mini from Shadows of Brimstone. Not totally happy with the face - though some of the game's early plastic figures don't have much to work with in the face department. My hand also isn't as steady as it used to be πŸ˜žβ€‹

Never enough shelves for my tabletop collection. My old 2e D&D books are packed away in boxes since I don't really use them anymore, and I still have *loads* of warhammer stuff in the garage.

tentacles (tabletop minis) 


Finding a new home for my tabletop social media needs 😁

I'm a big fan of , and just about anything else non competitive. I usually DM D&D 5E but I'm taking a break so another player in my group can DM for a bit.

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