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Played Mansions of Madness. Like Betrayal, it suffered from the "we didn't know what would happen so we wasted all our time not doing what the game wanted us to do."

But the video game aspect of it was fun.

My prima from VZ just came. I was cool with her sister, but still, masking protocol in 3.. 2..

The Map Colouring Problem refers to the challenge of shading a political map with as few colours as possible so that no two bordering countries share the same colour. Or any equivalent challenge.

GCC's `pass_ira` must not assign any two pseudoregisters alive at the same time the same CPU register. This is the Map Colouring Problem!

Today I'll discuss how GCC phrases register allocation as a Graph Colouring Problem.


What's even crazier to me is that, I used to be on the Debate team. I used to blast arguments in 30-second speeches. And now I speak like a turtle trying to read a phonebook.

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This poll is inspired by the fact that ever since I started trying to make TikToks, I've been legitimately horrified at how slowly I speak, even when I've practiced (in my head) the script.

Like, I watch YT at 2x speed. Maybe my inner monologue is calibrated to my typing speed? That's at least average.

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For those of you who have both (1) imagined yourself having conversations and (2) seen a recording of yourself speaking, how do you relate your internal monologuing with your actual speaking?

tech vent 

Argh at my wits end with #Libreoffice not taking system language input. It used to work perfectly fine, but maybe something changed with the current version ( but no matter what the systemwide input setting--which still works on, say, Chromium and OmgaT--says, Libreoffice will. not. fucking. change. its input to Korean.

Evidently LO has its own language settings which I've never had to touch before, and Korean input even briefly worked after I checked the ignore system language input box. But nope, it's right back to not working whether I check the box or not.

Fucking hell, even if I only do the final editing on LO I can only work so long by pasting Korean characters from the fucking browser address bar. I've restarted X so many times hoping it was a temporary thing and I'm losing actual work time over this :blobcatflip: it's gotten to the point I don't want to and possibly CAN'T accept English-Korean translation jobs, all because this fucking basic thing won't fucking work!!

@Juju @TrechNex I've got the inner monologue and dialogue, but I have a stunted ability to visualize.

@Juju I'm confused. Does organizing them mean, do I grab them out of the sink in an order? Cause for that it's ("Least icky to grab" > "Same type").

But if it's where to put them for drying, my drying dish really defines that, with a separate spot for utensils, dishes, and misc.

Or do people organize their sinks before doing anything?

When optimizing your programs DON'T try, say, swapping out / for >>. At least if you're writing C, C++, Rust, or JavaScript. These sorts of optimizations (all some people know) are usually already done for you, as I've been spending over a month now explaining, and as such just serves to make your code less readable.

If you have otherwise squeezed all the performance out from your code & need more, take measurements. Know what you're doing.


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@juliobiason That made me think of what a horrible play "sudo rm /" would be as a password. I could see myself typing it into a terminal that I think is waiting for a password right now

Holy shit. OpenInsulin successfully formulated a non-proprietary version of insulin and they are ready to scale production! 👀

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@rimraf @hardcorenarrativist That makes senes- I've even worked adjacent to Lua used in embedded device UIs, so it being leaner than Python makes sense.

Programming question 

Why do people like Lua, over Javascript or Python? I know a few things that've used it (Tabletop Simulator, L:OVE), but I never got around to learning it to figure out the appeal.

If you're looking for a chance to get paid to write meaningful open source software, here's one of those rare opportunities. Fully remote.

We're hiring additional software engineers to join the SecureDrop team, an open source platform to protect journalists & whistleblowers. Our posting outlines the specific skillsets we're looking for:

If this describes you, please get in touch! Happy to answer questions.

"This is how programmers think trees work"

submitted by JaegerStein

I feel like I have a bad relationship with ending things, especially fictional universes. I finished Mass Effect today, and it's left me pretty forlorn.

Just finished Mass Effect 3 (original only) for the first time. This game had me crying and only for the characters.

re: Python Minecraft-like update 

@syntacticsugarglider @freakazoid Bevy is cool, but the documentation is pretty sparse. The maintainer is full time, so it'll get better, but for now, I've been learning best from Youtube tutorials.

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