What are people running for their Spooktober sessions? I just read The Locusts of Fenmore and I'm trying to give that a spin.

re: please, talk me out of this 

@shahaan Don't do it! You will spend all your time tinkering with little things!

If you can, get a Pi and fight with that instead!

Yeah, Linux is difficult to use.

But Windows is impossible, so Linux still wins out.

An important concept in webdev is "progressive enhancement". That is, ideally, making sure everything in a webpage is an optional enhancement upon it's plain text.

Outside of JS web standards try to help you with this by making sure no HTML elements & CSS properties at least *can* gracefully degrade to more primitive/established alternatives. For instance <datalist> can contain a <select> element(s) around it's <option>s, so site visitors can still access the autocompletion.


The realest thing about Kim's Convenience is (Slight s2-ish spoiler) 

That Semira barely shows up in the show after she reneges on the renting an apartment plan.

Azadi Kickstarter Challenge (I could use some ideas) 

For the stretch goals, the creators are asking for backers to post:

(1) art that would have been better without imperial/colonialist themes
(2) favorite anti-colonialist art
(3) favorite revolutionary songs

I have tons of revolutionary songs, but I don't know much art! If anyone has any ideas they don't mind me reposting for credit on the Kickstarter campaign (just unlocking stretch goals, I think), I'd appreciate it!

A forum says I have to log in to see images.

But it loads the images on the page and then replaces them with the login button.....

This might've worked if I didn't see the images flash before my eyes.

@Juju You should play Seek if you don't already! It's an app that does species-level ID using iNaturalist data. No accounts or anything, so it doesn't transfer between phones, but still fun!

@ozoned @kate Mozilla also had huge layoffs in 2020, so I'm not surprised.

Little bit of rippling in there, and I need to trim the edges of the vinyl but that's fancy knife work and I'm gonna tackle it when I'm fresh.

Forgot to put the die in for scale, but the thing is just a hair shy of 10x10 side-to-side, or 8x8 (the max embroidery size of the newer machine) rolling area. Kinda bummed that this design is too big for one of the valet trays.

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re: Board Game Kickstarter/BGG Link 

Disclaimer: I have no association with this, just sharing cause it's an awesome game that I want to see backed.

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Board Game Kickstarter/BGG Link 

The KS for Azadi, the expansion to Shasn, is live!

You can get an original copy of Shasn with Azadi, or a standalone copy, so definitely worth it if you like heavier and political games.



Proton mail, who claim they don't keep IPs, have handed the IPs of climate activists over to the French police. The activists had their homes searched and were arrested.

So the only way Protonmail is secure is if you use a VPN


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