please, talk me out of this 

I’m bored and want to tinker with something.

I feel like installing Linux on my work PC. Thing is, there are a few Windows-only applications I need for work. So I’m thinking I’ll run them in a Windows VM.

The problem is that I’ve done this many times before and I always end up wasting time troubleshooting little problems, eventually end up dissatisfied and return to Windows, promising myself I won’t do it again.

Well, here I am. And I’ve got the itch. Again. 🤣😭


re: please, talk me out of this 

@shahaan Don't do it! You will spend all your time tinkering with little things!

If you can, get a Pi and fight with that instead!

@trueneutralocto Thanks! You’re right. As much as I hate to admit it, I’ll likely get nothing out of it except frustration and anxiety about the work that’ll pile up while I waste time tweaking and tinkering endlessly.

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