I didn't want to like this show, Messiah, on Netflix, but it was actually really good and I binged it all at once.

It's a chaotic mess of events, but the filmography was great, I like the multicultural portrayal.


The qualms I had were, obviously portraying the CIA/FBI leadership as diverse is lulz. Also, they referenced this guy who hacked the stock exchange as a "terrorist known to support anticapitalism and civil disobedience" and like, really? laughable.

Also, great quote from the show, "What was Jesus besides a populist politician, going around doing tricks, with an axe to grind against the Roman empire?"

Apparently, there was a lot of controversy with the show. Which is sad, because like Sense8, Netflix seems to have cancelled it because of it's multi-national filming locations. There was also criticism from Islamic sources, but I don't think it was as much as shows like Homeland got, and stuff like not filming on famous mosques is an easy fix.

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